Feature: Enabling sidebar on fullscreen mode

Show sidebar or support toggling the sidebar in full screen mode.

Currently on v1.40.x, the sidebar is only supported in windowed mode. Upon checking, this behavior originated from this issue and was resolved with PR. However I think it wasn’t intuitive to entirely disable the feature when the issue reported was only happening in video playback mode.

Why adding this is important?
Let’s be real, most people use full screen mode when browsing. It’s such a waste for a feature like sidebar not to be available in that case. Having it will be super helpful to users like me who want a better experience in navigating to different pages while in fullscreen mode.

I use Brave for work and I have multiple go to pages I frequent and keep tabs on.

@chh_68 thank you for the feature mentioned in this post Sidebar Feature. Could you please also consider enabling sidebar on fullscreen mode.

I browse web in the full screen mode, and having the brave sidebar enabled at full screen would save me tons of time to manage and work with bookmarks