Bug/Issue: Sidebar NOT showing in full screen mode on macOS

Today I discovered that Brave actually (more or less) already has the sidebar feature I was missing. However, I even when enabling it, I couldn’t see it, so I thought the feature perhaps had been deprecated. HOWEVER, I soon found out that exiting full screen mode makes the sidebar appear.

on macOS, I have several desktops with full screen Brave running and so I would never be able to use the sidebar in the current state.

I’m running the latest version of Brave:
Version 1.43.93 Chromium: 105.0.5195.127 (Official version) (arm64)

The issue I’m experiencing and reporting duplicates this somewhat old “feature request” which I’ve added a comment on today.

I therefore would like to direct your attention to:

Show Sidebar in full screen mode (at least on macOS)

@SaltyBanana @michal any help you can provide?

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Hi @thesting thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Looking into the issue now…

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Ok I’m experiencing the same issue.

I’ll bring this to the attention of our team.

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@thesting are you experiencing this issue on Beta or Nightly?

Thanks for looking into it already! Awesome!

And no, I’m using the latest release:

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Always happy to help!

I think this issue has already been fixed however I am waiting to confirm which version.

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Thanks for your patience, happy to announce that this issue was fixed in 1.44x

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Great news! I’m looking forward to using this feature extensively! :muscle:

When will it hit the release channel?

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