Facebook not loading with Bitdefender Anti-tracker running

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Description of the issue:
for the past day or two I cant login to Facebook using brave browser, its always worked fine until now. I have tried everything, empty cookies and cache , reboot device. Logged out of Facebook on other device and browsers. Other browsers login fine.

I disabled the Bitdefender Anti-tracker and it works fine.

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@JLAU111 You’ll need to reach out to BitDefender, as it’s pretty much adjustments they’ll need to make on their end. I’ll move your topic here to the proper category so Brave staff can see it, but I don’t think they’ll be able to do anything because it’s the extension rather than the browser that’s causing the conflict.

Same problem here. Brave + Facebook stopped working today. Never had an issue before.
Clearing Cache + Cookies doesn’t help
Firefox works as usual

But yours is different, right? Or are you saying you also have BitDefender? If your issue isn’t with the Bitdefender extension causing problems, then I’d greatly suggest you go make your own topic and make sure you provide all the information they ask for, such as your OS, Brave version, etc.

Yes same

Disabling Bitdefender Anti-tracker extension allows Facebook to work w/ Brave

Have you contacted Bitdefender about this?

No, I haven’t. In recent discussion with someone else, the answer given by someone from Brave was:

If its related to the extension, then reach out to the extension authors for a fix or update.

That’s essentially what I’m suggesting to the both of you to do then. Probably should also get others to do the same. Check out posts below:

I’ll open a ticket with them in the morning and advise on the result.


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Submitted support request to Bit Defender last night

Working now.

Thanks guys!

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