Facebook.com shows ads in Brave iOS and Brave shield blocked zero item

Description of the issue: my wife just started to use Brave browser on her iPhone 11 (iOS: 14.7.1, Brave vers: 1.30.1 ). When she logs in to Facebook she could see lot of ads (just like before whe she used chrome for example). Compared this to my Samsung A71 (OS ver: Android 11, Brave vers: 1.28.106) there is no ads at all between posts. There is a difference also between our phones in Brave shield status screen. It’s turned on for both of us, but on iPhone it shows 0 blocked ads (on Android it shows more than 10).**

**Expected result: no ads at all on iPhone facebook site.

Could you help me what should we do tho prevent ads on iOS on facebook.com?

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I have around 9 items blocked on Facebook on Android, try clearing the cache, and then relogin @Camelfighter

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