Facebook chat plugin does not appear on brave

Please help… Facebook chat plugin from website does not appear on Brave browser but on chrome it does. Is there anything to install, add extension or disable/remove from brave?

change the shield settings

Trackers & ads blocking to standard
Fingerprinting blocking to standard

Cookie blocking allow all i guess this one is the cause

and have a nice day

thanks for the suggestions… the shield setting is already in that state but when i allow all trackers & ads it appeared :frowning:

if only it has url exception :slight_smile:

anyway thanks again

you welcome

let me ask @Mattches if he can help you better for that url exception

and you welcome again and have a nice day both of you

You’re saying the chat option doesn’t appear at all? Do you have any extensions installed in your browser at this time?

i did not install any extesions in brave. the trackers & ads in standard mode blocks the js file located at facebook

Sorry – I’m not sure i understand. Are you saying that you are using Shields to block java script on the page? If you are, that is exactly why the chat isn’t appearing, as it is implemented using JS.

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