Extention Crashes with "Oh Snap" screen

The beta failed too.

As an oh by the way…

Dissenter Chromium is 78.0.3904.87

Brave Chromium is 78.0.3945.79

If memory serves, that means Brave is a newer Chromium. Dissenter Browser works with no problem, Brave requires me to pretend I am on Windows 8.

Also, thank you for working so hard on this for all of us with the problem.

Are you using Symantec Endpoint Protection as an anti-virus software on your machine?

No, pc Matin that doesn’t start on start up. I run manual checks. Last run only had a discontinued adobe product as threat. I uninstalled it.

I have been using Brave in a corporate environment and YES, they ARE using Symantec Endpoint Protection.

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