Extensions page - add link to Chrome web store

Wow. So much going on here, and so much about rewards and crypto yadda yadda. I just want a link added.

On the “Manage extension” page, there is a section that says

Web Extensions Store”

but it doesn’t link to anything. The “open extension website” just above this does indeed take you to the developer’s website. But I would like a link directly to the page where I installed the extension from. It is often much quicker and easier to find the info I need on the store page than trudging through an external site, if one exists.

Currently, without a clickable link that takes me to the extension page directly, I have to manually copy the link extension name, open new tab, open the extension store, paste and search for the extension by name (and if more than 3 results show up and it’s not in those first 3, I have to then click/filter “extensions”), then click to open that page.

It may seem like just a few clicks, but it’s more involved than that, else I wouldn’t take the time to write this post. For my one thought, perhaps there are a dozen others who have thought the same thing but didn’t want to take the time to create an account and start a new topic in this very, very busy looking forum. (By the way, I selected a random tag for this post, because… well… just make it simple, please. My only tag of choice is “extension”. “Desktop” isn’t even a choice in the list. Tiring dredging through a list of unrelated item but forced to choose…)

Would you mind considering making that line a clickable link to the extension’s page in the web store? It would be so helpful and add another small beneficial feature to Brave, a browser I refuse to be without.

Thank you.

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