Extensions not updating on Brave?!


Description of the issue:

It’s pretty simple, the title says it all. I’ve recently released a chrome extension that had to be updated quickly after it’s release (although the time between releases doesn’t matter) and I’m noticing that the code in my extension to update the extension when available isn’t working. I’ve tried manually forcing an update through chrome.runtime.reload(); and by hitting the “Update” button in the extensions page (developer mode needed for the button to show up) but neither is working.

Thinking maybe it’s an issue in my extensions code, I checked Metamask (which I’ve had installed since the second I installed the browser) and it also hasn’t updated in all the time I’ve had the browser (or maybe it used to and stopped at some point, I can’t confirm that, but I know for sure it’s broken now). Here’s the link to the current Metamask chrome extension page where you can see that it’s on 6.0.1 but the screenshot below shows that mine is still on 5.3.4. You can also see that Brave Utilities Extension (the reason I originally noticed the problem) hasn’t updated as I changed the icon days ago.

Brave Version(about:brave):

about:brave doesn’t bring me to the page it used to with all the information. And brave:about just brings me to the list of links for debugging and info gathering purposes. All I can give you guys therefore is my current version:

Version 0.59.35 Chromium: 72.0.3626.81 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Looking forward to some feedback on this issue, as it’s quite a big one considering how important it is in terms of security and end user experience for apps and extensions to auto update properly.



This is a known issue which should be fixed in the next release later this week.

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Awesome looking forward to it, I hope I didn’t miss a previous topic in the forum, I did a decent amount of searching before posting and didn’t think any previous topics existed.


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