Extension support

Agree, everyone finds a use in extensions, but unfortunately does not have the possibility to use them with the mobile version.
That’s why I’m back to Firefox Nightly to use my set of extensions… And will be back to Brave mobile when it will be possible.

Also making an account to request this. Especially now that Brave has just implemented blocking of Google Amp pages I’d really like to be using it exclusively. Clearly Brave has an interest in its mobile product so I have no idea why this is still unimplemented. I figured kiwi would be a temporary workaround, but I’ve been using it a while now and brave still doesn’t have extension support for mobile for inexplicable reasons.

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It’s been 1 year since the first post. I think it’s necessary now

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Yep! It’s necessary from the first day :zipper_mouth_face:
But now, it’s vital :astonished: