Exiting out of private mode crashes app

If this is a known issue, apologies for the duplicate. Currently running Brave 1.11( on iOS 12.4 on iPhone XS. When going into private mode and then exiting out of it, Brave crashes. This happens with tabs or no tabs open on private or non private mode. Brave has been re-installed and device has been restarted as well.

Hi @rt19,

Welcome to community and thanks for posting! Looking into this now.

This should be fixed in the latest build 1.11.3, give it a shot and let us know. Thanks for hoping on and giving up this info!

Hello Joel,

Thank you for letting me know! Brave does not crash when exiting out of private mode at a “normal” speed with the latest version. However, if I close a tab and exit out of private mode in a “fast” matter, the app crashes. I can’t add attachments because I am a new user but below is a G-drive URL with the video and logs of the crash:


The error I keep seeing associated with the crash is:
“default 20:04:38.951256 -0400 Client Fatal error: No tab selected for transition.: file /Users/joel/Development/Brave/brave-ios/Client/Frontend/Browser/BrowserTrayAnimators.swift, line 29”

I am not sure if that’s the intended behavior since perhaps I am not giving Brave enough time to create an empty tab in private mode before I exit out of it. Sorry for not providing the logs/video at first, hope that helps!

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