Everything is fine, but I have BATS suspended

Hello, last month I received BAT in my Upold wallet without problems, but many others remained pending. About 17 days ago I got a message like this:

These funds have been flagged for irregular activity. Appeal this action by following these steps.


I made an appeal and received a message that everything was fine. But now the same message still appears, and when I want to make an appeal it appears that everything is fine and in order and that I will receive my BAT without problems, because I had reviewed my case before.

Everything is fine, but I have BATS suspended. What can I do to receive those BATS?

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Hi @Gonndra, welcome to community.

Thanks for reporting. This is a know issue, taking a closer look now.

Can you PM me the email address associated with your publishers account?



Hi Steeven, I PM you. Thank you.

Hi, my account status is still the same. Is there any progress with my problem?

And what happened? Did you get your bats back

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No, it still appears as " These funds have been flagged for irregular activity. Appeal this action by following these steps.", and still appears as “resolved” but my Bats are still held. that bad. I have Bats as payment in progress but I am almost certain that on the 8th or 9th they will also be retained, I only see posts about it every month. Nor have I obtained more response and also… will this post close in 3 days?. It’s a shame

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:frowning: that’s sad

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Hi @Gonndra, happy to look into this for you. We’re still looking into this glitch. If your case was resolved then you should definitely get all of your suspended BAT yet. I will have more details with you tomorrow – need to look into the background here :slight_smile:

cc. @steeven @cory


Hi @Gonndra,

I’m so sorry about that! Your account is now active and the issue has been resolved.

Please let us know if there’s anything else that we can help to answer!


Hi, my Bats are now available in payment progress. Thank you, I hope that on day 8 or 9 nothing strange happens again.


Hola soy Joshua, me gustaría saber como hago para que me puedan acreditar los BTC?

Y tambi
én me gustaría saber como es que ganaría dinero aceptando ver los anuncios, si el mismo navegador esta hecho para bloquearlos.?

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