Eth-BNB swap large exchange error


I used Brave Wallet to make an ETH-BNB swap from the Ethereum mainnet for a value > 1Eth.

The Ether left the wallet but only about 25%of the expected BNB was deposited (as BNB token in Eth mainnet)

The transaction hash shows that the Eth was converted into BNT with a correct exchange rate but that only about 25% made it to my wallet as BNB.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Could you please share the transaction hash with us? If you’re concerned about your privacy, you can send me a DM on this forum, or email me here.

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Following up here after a DM from @aspen who kindly shared the transaction hash for investigation.

The particular taker asset involved here, BNB, is highly illiquid on Ethereum. Most DEXs (ex, Uniswap) will actually fail to build a quote due to lack of liquidity in their pools. I believe you wanted to swap to WBNB (Wormhole), which enjoys much better exchange rates. Note that BNB is not a native asset on Ethereum, and is only available on Ethereum in wrapped forms.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about it now because the transaction has been confirmed. In future, please double-check that the “To” amount is what you expect to see before finalising the swap.

On our end, I think we should’ve done better a job on the UX side to warn users when they are about to execute an economically sub-optimal swap. Here are a couple of improvements that are already in motion, which will make Brave Swap safer than competing products and prevent situations like these:

  • When presenting the quote, we will display percentage variance from Coingecko prices. This will allow you to see how good or bad a swap quote is compared to market data from centralized exchanges.
  • When asking for transaction confirmation, we will show the exact maker and taker assets/amounts for you to double-check.