Where is my currency gone?

I clearly do not know what I am doing here, but I did want to use crypto a bit.

I transfered around 0.09 ETH from Binance to Brave wallet, tried a couple of transactions to buy some weird things online (Tried for about a week and not a single transaction went through(I would leave it pending for days)) so I see that I wasted quite a bit on the gas fees.

Now I came back to my wallet with about $300 worth of etherium and I tried to move it to my Metamask wallet. I ended up only receiving 0.02 (~70$ atm) ETH as almost none of the transactions were going through (even if I was increasing the gas fees).

So I transferred 0.9 ETH and now I got 0.02 (metamask) +0.0067 (leftovers in brave wallet) = I am out about 0.7 ETH without having bought absolutely anything.

Here’s the wallet address - https://etherscan.io/address/0x384e9701739cb9a5b162d862f47437ab9b229fd4

If anyone is able to discifer what the hell happened here - I’d really appreciate it.

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