Problem with the swap in the wallet

Hi again,

I don’t really understand waht happened …I explain clearly
I connected my new brave wallet ( connected with my trezor wallet ) to compound finance .
I did use the swap option of the wallet to swap CDai to USDT .
The operation went through but i still have Cdai in compound finance nothing happened but i have a transaction that cost 28.49 $ for what ?
I really don’ t understand , can you help please .

Swapping from token to token requires 2 different transactions (this is for all DEX’s not just Brave’s swap). One is for allowing the swap contract to spend the token you’re swapping, and the other is for actually swapping.

And yes I agree that Ethereum gas fees are ridiculously high. That is out of our contract but we’re looking to add swap with other networks that have lower gas costs soon.

Thanks for the reply but can you tell me what’s wrong with that transaction cause nothing happened . I still have Cdai and no swap was done . Looks like i did something for nothing .
Did i miss one operation ?

Please can you help ? I’m completely lost on that transaction …

I don’t think anything is wrong. But it seems like you only executed part of the swap (part 1 and not part 2). The part for approval the token to be allowed to be spent in a swap. And you didn’t execute the actual swap it seems.

That’s what i think too but how can i confirm part 2 ? I don’t get it …please we are almost there …

I think you can try to do the swap again. When it pops up a transaction check to see if the function type in the details is Allowance (that’s the first type). If it’s not then it’s likely the swap itself.

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Hi Brian , sorry for all the questions about my problem but with your help i went to see maybe what’s all is about …Look what i found about that transation

Now i’m afraid that my funds are stuck in the 3rd dimension …What do you think ?

Hi Brian could you please help me out for this last info ?

Could you confirm which version you have in brave://version/ ?

Hello, this is the version

Version 1.32.115 Chromium: 96.0.4664.93 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Hope it helps

@Popeck Please do the cDAI-USDT swap again. As pointed out by @brian, token swaps typically constitute of two steps/transactions:

  • Approve cDAI to be spent by our DEX. This is a one time action per token you’re trying to swap.
  • The actual cDAI-USDT swap.

Subsequent cDAI swaps to any token will not require the first step, unless deemed necessary. Here’s an explanation on why this two-step process is necessary in Ethereum dapps:

Hope it’s a bit more clear now.

This issue was from just doing the approval and not the transaction? Or 5hat and different protocol?

28 usd for just an approval? Or was that the transaction as well?

Gas fees are bonkers. I had an approval ask for 211 usd in gas fees. I’ll be hodling forever.

Well , i wanted to do it again but with a gas fee at 321 $ , i just ran out …and now i’m afraid to pay again fore nothing .
I think i will try again later but what about the message saying : invalid transaction params…above this discussion ?

Hi, if you look above, i made a screenshot of the message …looks like it’s just for approval .
But now , i just paid for nothing if i cannot be able to do the second step …

I’m lost on that problem

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