Eth Account missing even with crypto wallets (deprecated)

Description of the issue: I had 3 eth accounts in brave wallet. After updating to the new one, account 3 is gone. (Actually, account 2 is gone too unless I use deprecated wallet).

Whether I use Brave Wallet or crypto wallet (deprecated) the 3rd account is gone. It is the account with all my funds.

I have 24 word seed phrase and have tried:
Restore to new Brave Wallet with legacy option
Restore to new Brave Wallet without legacy option
Restore to Crypto wallets deprecated

Brave Version (check About Brave): V1.33.106

Additional Information: When I use deprecated wallet and go to Settings > Download state logs, I find the public wallet address for the missing account, and the matching transactions that are visible on a block explorer. Funds are present in the address on the block explorer.

Additionally, there is a possibility I may have used the seed phrase on another computer, and generated the 3rd account from that device. I don’t think I did this, but it’s possible. Would that make a difference?

You will just need to click add account a couple more times to retrieve the existing accounts. They are always generated in the same order based on the seed phrase. As long as the other wallet was standards compliant then you will get the same for the third as well.

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Brilliant. IDK why I didn’t think about that. That did it!

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