RESOLVED: Can't access Account 3 in Brave Crypto Wallets


I need sometimes to switch between 2 different Crypto wallets.
One wallet has a 12 words seed phrase and 1 account inside.
And the other wallet has a 24 words seed phrase and three accounts inside.

So after I switched to the Crypto wallet with 12 words seed phrase
and then switched back to the Crypto Wallet with 24 words seed phrase
I do not see my third account (Account 3) inside the Crypto wallet anymore.

Only “Account 1” and “Account 2” account are displayed in Crypto Wallet.

This seems to be a bug in Brave.
Because this happened to me one time about 3 weeks ago.
And at that time after a few attemtps I could see “Account 3”

But today I have made many attempts and “Account 3” is not showing up.

I have large amounts of cryptos deposited in my “Account 3” !

Please help me !!!

Thanks in advance,

I have resolved my issue !

It turned out to be very simple to recover the “missing” wallet:

I just created/added a third account i.e. Account 3.
And it displayed the wallet that was missing.

I found the solution in this article:

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