Estimated pending rewards is zero

So this month I have viewed 65 ads but the estimated pending rewards is zero. Even the previous month, I have viewed quite a few ads but my payout was approximately just 0.8 bat. I have uploaded the screenshot of my estimated pending rewards below. So how can I sort out this issue?

EDIT: I waited for an entire month, but my estimated pending rewards is still zero, and i checked today if I would receive payment regardless, but i haven’t. @steeven .

Two possible answers:

  • Check if they are reflected in your uphold account
  • Happens at times, the estimated goes to 0 for a while but it restores after sometime, so maybe try waiting for a day or so

Those are my best guesses

Hi! Thank you for replying! I have waited for approximately 1 and a half months and its still zero. As to my uphold account, I received 0.7 BAT this month on 10th May but I have viewed much more ads than that.

No worries i think it’s cause brave ad rewards earning has reduced to 0.005 instead of 0.010 so i think it’ll reflect in the next month, but yeah maybe try contacting steeven

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