ESPN videos will not play

No ESPN videos play. Sample:


Android 12; Build SP1A.210812.016

Brave 1.36.116, Chromium 99.0.9844.74

It took a while to load, but the video in played okay here. Is it still occuring @bigddo13 ? Are you using a VPN or SecureDNS? Would test in private window also

Loads for me quickly, but slight version difference. Maybe update?

ESPN has removed that video link.

No I do not use VPN or the other. - only my Samsung phone, w/Verizon svc.

Brave says my version is up-to-date…

I tried another vid on ESPN (newer) & I now get a spinning [i.e., loading] disk (got nothing before, only a static arrow), but for a 28 second video it still hadn’t loaded after 2.5 minutes…

Any way to send these reposts to ESPN, easily?

Please see post above…

I have 4G …

And live in rural Texas…

But phone says 3 or 4 bars signal.


Re-test on wifi, and try with or without a vpn also.

Sorry but I don’t have wifi …

Only phone service

I could load the ESPN videos fine until about a few weeks ago.

Its loading fine here, I’m only suggesting wifi to rule out service issues btw. But Brave isn’t blocking the video.

I’m thinking it is the recent Samsung Update that they did…

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