Cannot search anything on the ESPN website

I am having issues with the search bar on ESPN when using Brave. Everything else on the ESPN website works fine like looking at scores and schedules, watching videos and clips, etc. The only thing that does not work is the search bar. Anytime I type something into the search bar, no results come up and I cannot press enter.

@fanboynz would you have any ideas why this might be an issue? I just tested and issue occurs kind of as described. If you type something in on ESPN’s search box and hit Enter, it doesn’t do anything. This is true whether Shields are on or off.


However, going to Chrome and testing, hitting Enter would go to the results page. That said, if you click on the search glass on Brave, it will then go to the search results. But it’s weird that Enter isn’t doing anything.

I tested this on my Windows 11 using Brave 1.56.11

Not sure tbh, needs further investigation

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