Error: Region not supported. (Wallet - Uphold, Region-Thailand)

I’ve been getting rewards from Brave for years but why it did not support for Thailand region. Please advise what I need to do next.

Error: Region not supported

Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards cannot be verified because your region is not supported for Brave Rewards verification at this time.

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Brave Rewards seems to be removing all the regions, even in Singapore it’s not connecting now. I understand legal issues are troublesome, although it would be nice to understand, what happens to the monthly rewards earned and where do they go if uphold or gemini are not connected.

Brave has its own wallet so all those earnings go in brave wallet ?

I believe that will solve many issues, if brave has its own service and lets the users keep/swap their earnings without going through another service like gemini or uphold.

Kindly do guide us how we can continue using brave and not feel ‘used’ for being loyal users.

They go to your browser, which is then saved on your device. So your /Brave folder on your device is where it’s stored. If you remove it or delete it, you lose it all. On desktop, it’s easy to do a backup of the folder every once in a while which will help prevent any chances of losses if you do end up having issues with your device, do a reset/restore, or anything else.

As to anything you already had on Gemini or Uphold, they stay there until you withdraw them or send them elsewhere.

Brave has its own wallet so all those earnings go in brave wallet ?

Because that’s easier said than done. All governments require different tracking and information. If Brave were to send Rewards to Brave Wallet, they would have to KYC/AML everyone themselves, send information about you to the government (as it’s taxable info and all), they’d have to get licenses and essentially registered like a bank or exchange, and so much more. It’s a big hassle they want to avoid, especially since trying to have as little of our information as necessary.

They are working toward it one step at a time. There’s just a lot of things to work through and have to handle. Overall it’s in everyone’s best interest to have it divided up as it is, but who knows what will happen for the future.

Not sure how to answer that. They are delivering on an excellent browser, paying us all BAT, and everything else. We’ve never been promised we can always convert BAT to cash. Part of the Terms for using Brave Rewards and Brave is that BAT will be used for Services with Brave. This would be things like tipping content creators and, when they finally get it added, to be able to use Pay With BAT to pay subscriptions and other things online.

Brave makes more money if there are more people and advertisers using their services. Obviously, less supported regions = less money. So it’s not like it’s beneficial to them in any way to limit countries as they have been. It’s all temporary and resolving issues that have popped up recently. Governments have changed regulations, business contracts with Brave and the exchanges are being reworked, and much more. It just takes us being patient.

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Thank you @Saoiray for taking out time to explain all the factors. I understand most of it and hope this will help other users as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

I shall continue to use it as is and looking forward seeing more advancements and features.

It’s not only to convert to cash, but just move this ERC-20 to a non-custodial wallet. ie you can’t even move Rewards from Brave Browser to Brave Wallet. Or I missed something ?

what the devs of brave doing?add metamask maybe?this 2 wallets cut off half countries w t f…tell me one reason to keep using brave instead of chrome…and dont tell me about web3…wake up brave!!!

This was a decision by Brave while they resolve a few things.

Go read PSA: Unsupported Region and you’ll have your answers.

  1. Better privacy protection
  2. Your info is not being gathered and sold by Google
  3. It’s faster than Chrome
  4. Ad-block is awesome, something Chrome lacks innately. And since Brave adds to filter lists and all, it even surpasses uBO and other extensions you’d normally add to Chrome.

I mean, people can always go into more, but there’s 4 despite you asking for just one.

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