Error: Region not supported Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards cannot be verified because your region is not supported for Brave Rewards verification at this time. What is this i am unable to withdrawal because of this and you also give 90 days limit

Error: Region not supported Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards cannot be verified because your region is not supported for Brave Rewards verification at this time. What is this i am unable to withdrawal because of this and you also give 90 days limit. Resolve it fast because there is no time to withdrawn I unable to do it with anyone. uphold or gemini.

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I’m sure you may already know a bit, but if not following about supported regions, go read at PSA: Unsupported Region

That’s exactly what it is. Regions are limited temporarily and if you’re in an affected region, you won’t be able to link to Uphold or Gemini, which means you can’t withdraw BAT. You can earn BAT for the future and tip Creators, but that’s about all you can do for now.

No they don’t. The 90 day limit is for you to Claim earnings when they are paid out each month. Once claimed, they can sit there for all eternity with no issues.

They are working on things as quickly as they can, all things considered.

Oh, there’s plenty time. Like I said, no time limits. That said, they still want to get things back up and running as best they can.

Tell me, Now How can i use this?

Actually i dont understand this ban unsupported region error. It used to work fine until june/july and suddenly you disconnected my wallet from brave.
I got in touch with uphold and they told everything is fine from their side, told to contact brave/bat and as usual uphold is working fine on it own. When i checked with the updates, creypto isnt banned.

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Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards cannot be verified because your region is not supported for Brave Rewards verification at this time.

Is the same error I got, my laptop just crashed a few minutes ago and had to reinstall my OS and redownload brave, but upon login in brave and try verifying back, I Get the same error. I am in Kenya.

what a total ripoff, Im from the philippines and cant withdraw my rewards either. If our countries arent supported for the reward program then why did they even bother to allow people in our countries to use this browser.

Such a disappointment.


Make some changes Brave, I’m from Ukraine and as many others fans from different countries we like this opportunity to receive rewards. It’s really cool approach. I appeal you, make at least the opportunity to store rewards and when it will possible to enable untrusted countries to have access to own rewards. You created own wallet so you have capabilities…

It would be fair!

You are supported for the Rewards program. What you’re not supported for is to link to an exchange. They are two different things.

Because this browser is much more than just Rewards. I use Brave on my iPhone, where we’re not allowed to earn BAT. This isn’t because of Brave but is because of Apple. You can read more about it at

Sad you feel that way. If you’re strictly just wanting Brave to earn BAT and you don’t like any of the rest of it, then this browser might not be for you. Philippines may never be added again, nobody quite knows what’s in store. Most regions have been said that the change is temporary, but this isn’t the case for the Philippines if you look at Changes to Brave Ads Regional Availability

They are, but it takes time.

You’re in really weird situations right now. The decision in your area isn’t up to Brave, but is a decision made by Uphold and all. Important: Uphold no longer supporting countries in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Balkans region

And to give other source, their official pages:

The link to Uphold shows non-supported, where you see Ukraine is on the list. The one to Gemini shows only supported region, where Ukraine is not listed. So therefore, you can’t be helped. Uphold used to serve your area but they stopped when the war began.

You can still earn and receive rewards. It’s just that you’re unable to withdraw them to an exchange. This does limit the practical use, as you can only either it or tip the BAT to Creators.

This is what you already can do. Each month you receive payout to your browser where it is stored.

Yes and no. Governments have requirements known as KYC/AML. On top of that, there’s special licenses that companies are required to earn and pay for in order to do business. If Brave tried to use their wallet, they would need to get these credentials for various countries and also would then have to KYC/AML all Users. This would be too expensive and also create issues in limiting who could use the browser. So Brave Wallet needs to remain separate, at least for now.

Again, all can access Rewards, just not move them to exchanges. Brave also is always changing this. Such as they just added France again and currently are working to bring back Brazil and India. Keep in mind they can only bring back the regions that are accepted by Gemini or Uphold. If Gemini or Uphold can’t give you an account, then Brave has no way to let you transfer BAT from your browser. So it’s very important you and others also reach out to Uphold to advise them that you’d like your region to be supported again.

I’m not able even to sign in in my Uphold account, so where to check where the browser stores the BAT tokens?

boa tarde, também não estou conseguindo visualizar o valor acumulado no Brave, já tenho conta confirmada pela Uphold.

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My point is simple, if brave cannot provide the full extent of their product offering to consumers due to some issues with wallet verification, they should stop marketing it as a browser that can allow users and supporters of the platform to earn tokens, then they should make that clear upon downloading. At the very least it should be stipulated immediately on the download page. Otherwise its false advertising and will hurt the platform overall.

Plus in terms of wallets, dude its called metamask, there are many wallet options available. Why BRAVE is sticking to gemini or uphold is beyond me.

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that would be the law. metamask or any other self custody wallet will most likely never be an option.

Literally inside your browser. It’s part of your \brave-browser folder. It stores it inside brave://rewards where you’ll claim and then see what BAT you have in the browser. It just won’t see or interact with Uphold.

But they are doing what they said. You can earn tokens. Nobody is stopping you from earning BAT. Your only issue is Brave isn’t letting you link to Uphold or Gemini.

Try paying attention to the download page yourself. It doesn’t talk about earning BAT.

It’s easy to complain about things and make comments, but you really should try to investigate and validate anything before you say it. shows who can participate in Brave Rewards. Then it also has a portion under that which says:

Participating in Brave Rewards and Brave Ads does not require verifying Brave Rewards with a custodian. Support for verified wallets may vary by region and custodian. Please see here for a list of supported countries for each custodial wallet service.

If you click that, it then shows which countries can link to Uphold or Gemini.

So yeah, they do show everything…

So did you mean this section is showing the rewards that i gained while using the browser in my phone in this case?

That’s a cop out and you know it. Regardless, I’m updating my review on trust pilot. I should have read the other negative reviews as they all say the same thing. You guys don’t pay and use a loophole to scam people for their browser data. 1 month wasted.

Kind of. The one you have circled is the Estimated Earnings which is a talley of what you’ve earned so far this month. At the end of the month, that should go back to 0.00 since you start fresh. If things work well, you’ll then also see a small banner letting you know your payment will be arriving soon. Though sometimes you don’t see that and instead it can appear like it just “vanished” for a couple days.

Anyway, then within a week after the 8th or a little before the 8th, you’ll see a thing telling you your payment has arrived and you’ll be able to click Claim. Once you claim it, then it will appear added to the balance on your left. While the right side, your Estimated Earnings will keep tabs of what you’re earning in the current month.


If you end up being able to Verify then the left side, Your Balance will be the BAT balance within Uphold or Gemini rather than the balance stored in your browser. But while Unverified that number on the left indicates what you have Claimed from prior months and is stored within the browser itself.

Never saw the option to claim. At least while Uphold or Gemini is not connected it doesn’t show anything like this!!!

How long did you disconnect?