Region not supported error on Android India

I am not able to verify my brave wallet through uphold it’s showing an error that my region is not supported. I am from India.



system @moderators @steeven Mattches do you want to resolve this issue or not? if uphold throws region is not supported error then how am i able to create account in the first place!
what a way you’ve found to fool people
step 1: download brave to earn BAT
step 2: download uphold to trf BAT.
step 3: give all of your vulerable data to uphold so they can sell it to hackers and earn good chunk
step 4: verify wallet to actually trf BAT…
OOPSIE can’t be verified…region not supported
step 5: ask support team for help.
“Brave can you resolve the issue?”
Brave: “fu## off”
“Uphold can you resolve the issue?”
Uphold: “fu## off”
people: yeah, let’s do that!!
marketing strategies fudging people! f. uphold and brave