Error prove a human

why i cant aprove human when i open website must aprove we are human ?? its so wasting my time

Hello @alvzzz, thank you for contacting us. How many times has this happened to you? What’s the website name? Does it happen with more websites? Please let us know this information so we can better assist you. Regards.

sometimes when im opened web gleam and discord n thats web mus verify im human its not work sir, just only loading

Hello @alvzzz, thanks for replying. What happens if you enter the security check? Does it show any error message? Maybe its something related to those websites security.

Also, are you using a VPN? If you leave VPN connection ON and do a lot of searches, likely this is the reason that’s why you are getting many security prompts.


yeah…im doin on and off my vpn still not working…and now i cant connect my metamask from some website, but in chrome cant connect

Hello again @alvzzz, please try by turning it off, Regarding the Metamask issue, try resetting your Metamask account by going to Settings > Advanced > Reset Account . Once your account is reset, restart your browser and try connecting your Ledger device to Metamask again. thanks in advance

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