Error message opening browser - uri scheme

Description of the issue:
When opening the Brave browser and opening a Google webpage (including gmail, youtube, etc), I receive at least one, sometimes two or three after closing the initial pop-up, error messages regarding a custom URI scheme.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open Brave browser
  2. Open Google webpage such as YouTube or Gmail
  3. Receive error message

Expected result:
No issues with the operation of the webpage itself, just the error message, sometimes once, sometimes multiple times.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.43.89


Could you show what error message you’re getting through a screenshot?
Cause I use brave for the things you mentioned and never received one.

I get the same thing. Every time I open brave, this pops up. Only started happening recently. This is on Desktop by the way.


Thanks so much toasty - yes, that is the exact pop-up I’m getting. I’m finding now that it happens outside of google apps, as I got it while opening Twitch yesterday evening. Only started recently, happens on both my PC’s.

Try if doing what another user did below helps your case →

thanks! I ended up just removing the Keep extension altogether. It initially said the extension was corrupted but repairing nor resetting it seemed to work. Thankfully not an extension I use often, but no more pop-ups!


great! if possible try marking as solved !

I had the same error on one desktop and two laptops (all Linux) at the same time. I removed the Keep extension and that solved the issue for me too. Thank you!

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Same problem, same extension, thanks for posting that it was the culprit.

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