Error in "varify wallet"

I’m a brave user since long time. I recently changed my device and also started using brave browser as usual, synchronised all data easily but when I try to varify wallet with my uphold account through browser, browser crashes all the time. I have previously earned bats in my uphold and now I just want to add new bats in it but can’t varify wallet. Please suggest what can be done to solve this…

Same problem can’t verify wallet, because “unexpected error”

Hey! I’m sure others will come by with some better tips later, but for now I wanted to stop in to suggest you make sure to Force Stop Brave and close all instances of it on your phone, clear the Cache for your browser, and also to verify you have the latest version of Brave. Then try again if you’re not verified. If you complete that and still have issues, you may need to get in touch with moderators here.

I do know issues like getting wallets set up with Gemini has been having issues, but I do believe just the initial verification through Brave and Uphold is running smoothly.

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