Error: Brave Rewards profile is flagged (for irregular use)?

Error: Brave Rewards profile is flagged for irregular use and I will not receive last months 6.1 BAT, I probably wont receive my current months BAT and I wont get anymore ads until further notice. It says they review the accounts regularly and could reinstate it yet give no more information, no way of contacting for clarification and no chance for an appeal. So I don’t get told what I have apparently done, I am frozen until further notice and it is apparently only potentially going to be reinstated. On top of that, I may be permanetly unable to receive BAT while using the browser. It would be nice to have a chance to know why someone is treated like this when it’s apparent their Brave Rewards section already has enough issues as it is and they just pull this kind of thing with no other information? Unbelievable.

Typically, you will get no response as to why you are flagged. All you can do is wait and try to reverify your wallet every few days. I am in the same situation on one of my devices, and all i tried to do is reverify a wallet that had already been verified.

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