Epoch Times "Spot the Difference" Game Doesn't Load

The page stalls out while loading. That game never appears. Seems to work OK with Chrome 96.0.4664.45, 64-bit. I put the Brave shield down for this URL and it still doesn’t load.

Thia page loaded for me immediately without any issue. Can you please try clearing cache/stie data for the site (click the “lock icon” in the address bar while on the site, then Site settings --> Clear data) and see if this resolves the issue?

I followed your instructions above to clear the site data, but I still cannot get the page to load.

I have Trackers and ads blocking = Standard
Block scripts is OFF
Cookie blocking = Disabled
Fingerprint blocking = Standard

Brave Shield is DOWN for this site

If you visit the site in a private browsing window, does the site load normally?

I couldn’t get the Spot The Difference Daily to load in Brave or Chrome. The page stalling is from the site itself. Firefox also showing the same issue.

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