Entire screen goes black when previewing a youtube video

Youtube has a feature where when browsing videos, you can hover your mouse over a video and it will play the video with no audio. When doing so, my entire screen goes black briefly, then comes back, and when moving the mouse off of the video, it again goes black and then returns. When it returns, a notification from my monitor appears telling me I am now using display port 1. This notification happens both when moving the mouse on and off of the video. I have tried updating my monitors drivers, and it still happens. I have tried with google chrome, and firefox, and it does not happen with those browsers.



No, problem is still present.



Version 1.42.95

Thank you for reaching out.
Can you please tell me what OS you’re using?

Additionally, can you please try disabling Hardware Acceleration in settings to see if this resolves the issue?

You’ll find this in Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration

I am using windows 10. And when turning off hardware acceleration, I no longer have this issue.

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I figured that was the case. Glad we were able to find the solution. Note that you likely will not need HWA for using the browser.

Would also try updating your graphics drivers, see if this helps (if you’re wanting hardware acceleration enabled)

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