Enorm cpu usage on only one specific stream hoster

if a similar post exist already, i couldn’t find it.
its about looking streamed videos.
i look on s.to some series. and mostly its okay with pop ups and redirecting sides.
and if you are watching all systems on are working normal.
BUT if i choose “streamtape” (a hoster) all cpu’s are going wild and the fan have to cool down the machin and gets loud.
if i take a look at taskmanager (htop in terminal - Linux) its the brave browser put all cpu’s on 90%.
maybe it is something dangerous from hoster or what else can be ?
thanks for testing by you professionals.

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@tiger1001 Have you tried looking at Brave’s task manager? Hit Shift + Esc to open it up. Or you can just go Hamburger Menu Sync code that expires_ - Browser Support _ Desktop Support - Brave Community - Brave 4_30_2023 09_21_54More ToolsTask Manager.

Doing that will show you what within Brave is using up all your cpu. It helps to kind of narrow down between extensions or whatever else. Guess also would have to ask if you have tried anything like changing settings for Use hardware acceleration when available inside your settings at brave://settings/system?

Well, nobody would be able to test because you’re not sharing where you’re having this issue. You also haven’t said anything at all really about your device, which version of Brave you’re using, if you’ve attempted to change any settings, etc.

When it comes to posting here, please check out information linked below.

i dont have always internet, so why delay

Version 1.52.117 Chromium: 114.0.5735.90 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit)
Linux MX Kernel: 5.10.0-21-amd64

but it is not important because its on different maschines and os the same.
and only with one streamer (streamtape) on differnet sites (s.to, kinox . . .)

why to change settings if everything else works fine ?
next time i will look at the bravesysman to see if its different from my other sysman who shows the brave task who is enorm high.

thanks for helping and maybe you find something to make brave better again

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