Enabling Central kurdish to web translation

Hi dear support team kindly please add central kurdish to your web browser for translation, we are actively using Brave app.

There already is kurdish langauge available.

go to brave://settings/languages, select add language, search for kurdish and select it.

After it is added, make sure to select the langauge option and move it to the top. Then delete English (US) from the list if you want.

Dear, i mean when i am going to an article immediately translate the whole of the article, there is no central kurdish in order to translate it, only in preferred language, central kurdish is available, look the screen for more information


Ok got it

https://lingvanex.com/language-features/, brave uses this companies product for translation. If you see the select language they support, you will find that Kurdish is supported.

As brave has just launched the translation feature, where they are only supporting 10 popular languages. Within a few weeks they will likely add support for other languages like Kurdish.

‘Brave Translate launches with 15 languages, with more coming soon.’
From the tweet itself.

Dear, thank you, kindly please Kurdish language is micro-language, central kurdish and Kurdish Kurmanji, please for translation, it should be separate from each other, kurdish Kurmanji has Latin alphabet and central kurdish has kurdish alphabet, please check google translate, you can get it, central kurdish is the same name with kurdish sorani, and Northern kurdish is the same name with kurdish Kurmanji for more information.


Dear, does the site Lingvanex have Central Kurdish or Kurdish Kurmanji? Because I cannot tell for sure.

If it is kurdish kormani, lingvanex might eventually add kurdish sorani land thereafter brave might add kurdish sorani which you want.

If translation to kurdish sorani is very important for you, for desktop you can use google translate extension on brave browser.

On android, you can use chrome with google translate, firefox with google translate extension, kiwi browser with google translate extension.

Brave might add kurdish sorani in future, but it will take time.

Yes, I checked google translate has two kurdish languages, kurdish kurmanji and kurdish sorani.

ئازیزم ئایا سایتی لینگڤانێکس کوردی ناوەندی هەیە یان کوردی کرمانجی؟ چونکە ناتوانم بە دڵنیاییەوە بیڵێم.

ئەگەر کۆرمانی کوردی بێت، lingvanex لەوانەیە لە کۆتاییدا خاکی سۆرانی کوردی زیاد بکات دواتر ئازا لەوانەیە سۆرانی کوردی زیاد بکات کە تۆ دەتەوێت.

ئەگەر وەرگێڕان بۆ کوردی سۆرانی زۆر گرنگە بۆت، بۆ دیسکتۆپ دەتوانیت درێژکراوەی google translate بەکاربهێنیت لەسەر وێبگەڕی ئازا.

لە ئەندرۆیددا دەتوانیت کرۆم بە وەرگێڕانی گووگڵ بەکاربهێنیت، فایەرفۆکس بە درێژکراوەی وەرگێڕانی گووگڵ، وێبگەڕی کیوی بە درێژکراوەی وەرگێڕانی گووگڵ بەکاربهێنیت.

ڕەنگە لە داهاتوودا براڤ سۆرانی کوردی زیاد بکات، بەڵام کات دەوێت.

بەڵێ من پشکنینم کرد google translate دوو زمانی کوردی هەیە کوردی kurmanji و کوردی سۆرانی.

On site Lingvanex, only written Kurdish, Kurdish alone means kurdish Kurmanji, it might be added only kurdish Kurmanji, but kurdish sorani is very important to us, because it uses on parliament and governmental offices.

Yep, I cross-checked it is Kurdish kumanji on lingvanex.

You can contact their support from https://lingvanex.com/support/ to ask them to also add Kurdish Sorani along with Kurdish Kumanji. Select ‘other’ for your feature request. You might also tell them that your using lingvanex service via brave browser new auto-translation feature.

When brave starts adding other languages, I will make sure that kurdish sorani is added after lingvanex adds kurdish sorani on their end.

بەڵێ، من کرۆس-چێکم کرد کە کوردی kumanji ە لەسەر lingvanex.

دەتوانن لە https://lingvanex.com/support/ پەیوەندی بە پشتگیرییەکانیانەوە بکەن بۆ ئەوەی داوایان لێ بکەن کە هەروەها سۆرانی کوردی لەگەڵ کومانجی کوردی زیاد بکەن. بۆ داواکاری تایبەتمەندیەکانت ‘other’ هەڵبژێرە. هەروەها دەتوانیت پێیان بڵێیت کە بەکارهێنانی خزمەتگوزاری lingvanex لە ڕێگەی وێبگەڕی ئازا تایبەتمەندی نوێی وەرگێڕانی ئۆتۆماتیکی.

کاتێک ئازا دەست دەکات بە زیادکردنی زمانەکانی تر، دڵنیا دەبمەوە لەوەی کە سۆرانی کوردی زیاد دەکرێت دوای ئەوەی lingvanex لەسەر کۆتاییەکەیان سۆرانی کوردی زیاد دەکات.

New languages are added https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/24303 for brave version 1.45

Is kurdish sorani in it?
If it is not right now, kurdish kurmanji is added, but in future kurdhish sorani will be added

Hi dears, please When Kurdish Sorani will be added to the Brave app. to support translation, Only Kurdish Kurmanji has already been added .

Hi dear, brave has been updated by your company, central kurdish has been addedtto Brave, but when i click on central kurdish the page cannot be translated, please fix it.

Hi dear team, brave app. Has been updated by your company, central kurdish has been added but when i click on central kurdish the page can be translated. Please fix it.

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