Brave window opens completely blank

I closed the browser (with 4 tabs open) and restarted it. It’s set to restart where I left off.

The window displayed nothing, no tabs or UI at all. If I [ctrl-tab] I see it cycle through the four tabs but only the text on the taskbar indicator. The window is blank. I keep up with new versions but can’t check the version number as nothing is accessible to me, only the mouse right click menu on the top bar of the window. This is 32-bit on Windows 7.

I re-downloaded the installer and ran it to be sure to get the newest version. The browser opened exactly as before - nothing showing on the window but the taskbar indicator shows I have my four tabs open. I tried to un-install in order to completely re-install. Trying to do that from Control Panel did not succeed.

@Agam_T can you try steps mentioned here Error on yesterday's update [Windows "blank window" issue]?


Excellent, the workaround works perfectly! Thank you very much.

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