Email change confirmation expired


Ok, so i have a domain email (via g suite) that i signed up with (zeetox@zeetoxia .com) for Brave Payments, everything worked out and I got my youtube channel verified. At some point i noticed that my email was actually logged as: instead of zeetox@zeetoxia .com

So, at the time i tried to changed it and forgot/didnt notice that it sent an email confirmation. Went into my email weeks later, tried to click the confirmation for the email change and now i get an error.

What do i do? I tried to log into the email i signed up with but it shows no channels.


Hello, if gmail is not attached to the phone, then forget everything, you will not restore your ak. Yours faithfully


Thanks for reporting @STILL_DETOX,

copying @ayumi or @nvonpentz for help. :slight_smile:



I have notified the team of your issue. Thanks for including your email addresses for troubleshooting.



sanctions imposed.




We are working on a fix that will allow you to login with google reset the email address associated with your account. More information to come soon.



thank you guys so much. patiently waiting.


did you guys forget about me???


Nope @STILL_DETOX - we’re still working through this issue :slight_smile:




You can track the progress of the issue here It is nearly complete.



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