Confirmation emails not sent for BAT Creators

I’m trying to login to my account on

However, no confirmation email is received. I’ve tried all the possible email variations it could be, as well as tried the signup process in case the account was purged for whatever reason, and even the signup process is not sending any email.

It was an account with various websites, twitter accounts, github, and youtube channels associated.

I’ve sent the support email as suggested, but haven’t received back anything.

Hi @balupton, is this still an issue for you? Thanks in advance.

Tried again with which I believe is the correct email, and no login confirmation was received.

Custom domain email handling/forwarding is done by Cloudflare, which forwards to iCloud. Other emails from other senders work fine.

Still no confirm emails. Figured I might as well try legacy youtube login, but even that is broken.

Thanks @balupton, taking a look.

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Hi @steeven , Notification ads are not coming, will you do something about it? Also, when will publisher payments start?

@SAGE84 is this still an issue for you?

Yes, notification ads are not coming. There was also no publisher payment.

Please open your own/new thread with all the requested information for help with your ads issue.

ok. I sent a DM but @Steeven should check it out.

Any progress? I need to update my youtube channels.

Will get this resolved asap.

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@balupton you should now be good to go. Looks like that email had been unsubscribed.

Thank you, the issue is now resolved.

Are you saying that to prevent it from occurring again, I cannot unsubscribe from Brave/BAT associated mailing lists? As it seems strange that mailing lists would affect login emails.

i have same isssue. i sent mail and i didnt recieve any answer for a month

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