How can I change the email?


I wish to change my email? Is that possible, right now I have signed in with, however, there might be some bug in the system as I am not getting any email from brave publishers at all.

I thought this was a problem with the email service I was using, however, seems it wasn’t, as I have changed email service. But still not receiving any login email. However as I have tested, emails are going to regular email services such as Gmail or Outlook, however not to custom domains. A lot of people do use their own custom domain for email services.

It seems that domain is blocked for receiving any email, might be due to a glitch however previously I signed up for that email over the domain.

Emailed and Messaged the support too, but still no reply.


Not in the forum but the publisher account!


cc @nvonpentz for help.


I’m pretty sure I asked a similar question last month and was told it’s currently impossible. Is there some helpdesk way of changing it?



Once you are able to log in, then you can change you email address from the publishers dashboard.


Please DM me with your problem and I will look into it. You should be able to change your email address, unless it already belongs to another publisher account. As of right now, if you wish to merge two existing publisher accounts, the best method is to remove the channels from one and reverify on the other.

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