Expired link, I can't enter brave


I HAVE MORE THAN 2 WEEKS TRYING TO ENTER MY BRAVE ACCOUNT AND I CAN’T, it always tells me that the link is expired, I have erased my history, I have tried to log in from different devices and still cannot log in.

are you using GMAIL. it happens because the service threads mails and people mostly click the first one

Yes, I am using gmail. But the service only sent me 1 email only, 1 only. I even delete all the message history and the brave history and still don’t let me access

what i do is I delete all Brave Creator mail for my gmail then try to login so I only have 1 brave creator mail at the moment. that removes probability of error

even more, I also use the gmail telegram bot that tells me and tells me when I receive an email and doesn’t let me open

Gmail Service thread will open the first mail sent not minding you need the latest. It has happened to me several times. that is why I delete all bravecreator mail after login

How do I solve it? sorry, I don’t know how to speak a lot of English and understanding you is difficult

Go to Gmail Delete all mails from Brave Creators then send me a message once that is done

ready, delete all emails in brave gmail, and also delete them from the trash

Try to login to publisher now


@cory would take it from here

@otorres828 can you check to make sure you are accessing the correct email link? Delete any old sign in emails. Gmail likes to cache emails that look the exact same.

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