Question about the setting "Sites that can always use cookies"


I noticed 3 entries under the " Sites that can always use cookies", namely:

This is shown in the image below. Why exactly is this setting, and where did these 3 entries come from, since I didn’t add them? On top of that, I am unable to remove the last entry (…

Go to each of the sites and turn shields ON.
This stuff has happened due to you turning OFF shields for this specific sites.
After turning shields ON, then it will show empty list.

It happens as brave blocks third party cookies by default. So, when you turn shields off, brave does not block third party cookies (or first party) on these sites. I personally had this same problem awhile back. I simply could not delete them. So, I visited one of the sites and saw shields was off. Personally, I think the whole thing should be changed. So, if you click on the garbage icon, the browser should remember to go to the default behaviour of blocking cookies on the sites.


What if the website redirects me somewhere else? I am unable to even verify if shields is ON or OFF there?

@binte Usually that hasn’t been an issue. Just copy the link that it shows on the cookies, open a new tab, paste in the link, and it usually opens to that particular site and you’ll notice the Brave Shields lion is grayed out. If you click it, it says Shields off and you can turn it on. Do that, close the page, and usually the cookies are then erased from Sites that can always use cookies.

I just actually did it myself to like 20 I had. One thing I will say I’m lose about though is none of mine had the three dots like yours do on firebaseapp or So I’m not sure what the menu would show if you click the three dots or if it would work like the rest of them.

NOTE (update)
There was one exception actually. When I went to Xfinity, which is where I have my internet from, to get to the link it shared I had to Log In first and then it arrived at the page where my Shields were down. Before that, appeared like Shields were up. And I guess maybe you’re looking at something similar when you mentioned about pages redirecting.

I already did that. Because of the redirection, the website that shows up having shields ON is the website where I am being redirected.

What you described is similar to what I am experiencing indeed. You were probably redirected to a different page after logging in, and it is the same that happens with me when I visit

This is what happen when I click the three dots. I am actually able to remove them. But not the third entry, which is the one I’m suspicious about.

I’m too lazy to go searching Brave Community right now, but I know I posted about this sometime in the past few months. I’m wanting to say that it was said this is something they were working on. Not sure if they had any github or anything linked to it. Later on, when/if I’m not feeling as lazy, I’ll try to search for it and see if I can find anything helpful. Until then, I’ve just overall been ignoring it. Can’t say it’s the healthiest response for myself, but it is what it is.

And where I said I removed like 20 of them, as I got to the top after I posted that, realized I have quite a few I can’t get rid of. They are the ones that say they were embedded. Because unless I can find the one particular thing within that site where it was off…I can’t reverse it. I MIGHT be able to get rid of it by clearing all cache and cookies, but I don’t feel like doing that because it removes way too many things.

I don’t think clearing out the cache will remove those. My cache gets cleared out whenever I close Brave, and noticed these today, after clearing out the cache

@Saoiray Personal note: point made :wink:

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Yeah, that’s it. Looks like no movement on the project since January. Will be nice when they get it figured out.

Thank you for helping me delete these sites from “Sites that can always use cookies”. Been driving me crazy trying to delete them!!

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