Earning by my promo code link

I saw on my account got downloaded and install from my referral link but i don’t see confirmed yet, why ?

Please let me know,

See https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025284131-What-do-the-referral-metrics-on-my-dashboard-mean-

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So, i get referral earn money , depend on confirmed, right?
And get confirm, them must use browser at least 30 days over, right ?

Yes and yes. :+1: Brave only pay for confirmed referral.

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But , get confirm , it depend on referrals sign up on my promo code link , or not ?

No. They just need to download Brave using your link and use it for 30 days. Then it’ll be confirmed.

@Nalyn your invites need to use the browser for more than 30 days for confirmed status and no invites have to signup anywhere.
if invites need to withdraw bat from ads they will need a fully verified uphold linked with their wallet

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