E2e testing for web3 app interactions with brave wallet?

Is there a recommended e2e test framework for web3 apps and Brave Wallet?

For example, Dappeteer is an option (around puppeteer) for Chrome and MetaMask:

Synpress is another MetaMask option (Cypress wrapper):

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We aim to be fully compatible with MetaMask so basically you can do anything you do with Chrome + MetaMask. Please let us know if you run into any issues though.

Hi Brian,

Thank you for the response.

The question was related to test automation. Is there an API or a documented and stable UI component convention that web3 app developers can use to write end to end tests with cypress, playwright or puppeteer?

Unfortunately MetaMask does not offer a stable e2e test API yet, which requires manual testing before each release. That of course is error prone and unreliable.

Maybe Brave can lead the way towards more polished web3 UX. Happy to setup a call with your dev team to discuss ideas further.

We don’t have a way yet but please post an issue here if you don’t mind:

I think it’ll be not until the 2nd half of this year until we might be able to take a look on it though because we have a very aggressive list of things to do before that.


Hope we can get some traction soon, although I see that Brave’s repo has over 4K open issues already.

Will keep an eye out for updates. Happy to help with use cases, testing and design ideas from OlympusDAO’s front end apps perspective.

Thank you!

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