The brave settings are a mess

It is possible to backup, clone and restore profiles!

As Brave still doesnt support containerized Cookies, you need multiple profiles to login with multiple accounts at the same time on pages.

So going to your OSses Brave data storage location (for the Flatpak its ~/.var/app/com.brave.Browser/config/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser) you can see a lot of folders.

Different from Firefox its a complete mess. The default profile is called “Default”, and following profiles are just called “Profile x”, completely ignoring the Profile name.

In these profile folders then, there are not many differences to firefox. Lots of files, many not wanted for backup, but you can in theory just copy-paste everything.

  • Please make these profiles better sorted, if its just linking the Profile folders to a different location.
  • Name the profile folders how the Profiles are called.
  • of course, please add container cookies. But I understand if this is not easy to implement

What are partitioned Cookies btw?