Request for Alt+Tab Functionality to Switch Between Tabs

Dear Brave Support,

I am a user of your Brave browser, and I have noticed that the Alt+Tab functionality, which is used to switch between tabs in Microsoft Edge, is not available in Brave. I find this feature quite useful as it enhances the navigation experience within the browser.

In Edge, when I press Alt+Tab, it allows me to switch between different browser tabs instead of different windows. This feature has proven to be very convenient and has improved my productivity.

I would like to suggest implementing a similar feature in Brave, as I believe it would enhance the browsing experience for myself and other users who have migrated from other browsers.

Thank you for considering my suggestion. I look forward to any updates on this matter.

Thank you

I don’t think Brave will be able to replicate exactly what Edge does, as it’s an operating system setting that only Microsoft has control over. The setting that controls this is in [Windows 10 Settings > System > Multi-tasking > Alt + Tab > "Pressing Alt + Tab shows"]. Therefore, only Edge can be used with this setting.

You can however use [Alt + Tab] to switch between applications and then [Ctrl + Tab] to switch between Brave tabs.

In addition, it’s possible to go to brave://settings/appearance and enable “Cycle through the most recently used tabs with Ctrl-Tab”. This setting means that instead of cycling through each Brave tab in sequential order, it will toggle between the last open tab and the current open tab.

Perhaps Brave could expand this setting to allow toggling between the three most recent Brave tabs, five most recent Brave tabs, etc. – which would be similar to the Edge functionality – it would just be using [Ctrl + Tab] instead of [Alt + Tab].

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