DuckDuckGo New Tab

My Duckduckgo New Tab extention has suddenly stopped working. The new tab opens BUT the search box does not function. I have to search from the address box.

1.Click on the new tab “x”, opening new tab
2.Look at the search box


I have removed and re-added the extention to no avail.

Version 1.19.86 Chromium: 88.0.4324.96

Seems like you’d get more help contacting the authors of the extension…

The extension works fine on my other browsers and worked fine on Brave until yesterday. What changed???

Maybe some update in brave caused an incompatibility with the extension… That’s why I suggested contacting the authors that the extension needs tweaking…

@Mattches Can you have a gander at this in case the update in brave itself is some you would fix on your end?

Either way, the extension developers would find it nice to get a heads up on the situation…

Looks like I can reproduce it. Console says it’s due to the frame violating a content security policy – reaching out to the team on this now.

Thank you for looking into this. I lost some more extensions so I tinkered around some more. I did a complete reset of browser. Then I found a drop down menu where I could pin the missing extensions to my toolbar. I don’t know what made them disappear initially but now I know what to do. Just my ineptitude using Brave but I am getting better. Thanks again!

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What a great support community!! I reached out to @Mattches and updated him on the situation. Problem solved. Thanks so much!!!

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I’m glad you got the issue resolved – but to confirm, you’re not sure what resolved it? Did DDG function as intended after the browser reset?

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