Downloads won't save

A couple of weeks ago, Brave suddenly stopped downloading any type of file. Files won’t save, PDF, ZIP, anything, from any source like Google Drive, my personal web server, or any web server.

Reproduced on: Windows 10 and Windows 7.
Steps: Simply click a link to any file that can be downloaded, it won’t download. There is some very brief “modal activity” in that the active window will change. But the file won’t download. The same thing happens with right click → save as. I tested on a webserver that I own, the request is made in the webserver log and data is transferred, but the file does not save. Files were saving perfectly fine 2 weeks ago.

I didn’t make any changes and have never installed any plugins. I also see another support thread with the same issue, I made a comment there too.

I love the browser but Brave has lost my trust. I’m uninstalling it now since 1) no changes were made to cause this, 2) this is a base level of functionality that needs to work and 3) I’m concerned that something was changed in my browser without my consent.

If downloading a file doesn’t work, I can’t imagine what type of security nightmares are lurking. Core functionality cannot randomly, for no reason, stop working.

Hello, i can download anything from the browser.

Go to brave://settings/downloads and check the location where your downloads are supposed to go.

Thanks for your help but this is a bug in the browser, not an “I can’t find the downloads folder” issue. The downloads don’t show up on the file system, nor in the Brave’s download summary window.

Wow, I just went through like 5 browsers and they are no good. F*ck it, I’m just going to compile Firefox myself and audit / remove the censorship code they’re planning to add in.

Ok. It is not a bug of the browser itself, since if it were, more people would come here asking about this. Also, as I explained to you, I could do it. If you want to switch browsers go ahead, but let’s be realistic. No browser (even brave) is bug-free.

Mozilla had several security problems in the past, am I framing them for that? NO, I use tor browser (which is based on firefox). Both browsers had their flaws in the past and the developers have been fixing it, the same goes for Brave.

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