Brave will not download files

Brave used to save files as .pdf with no problem. Recently I save as I have done before. The file name is created and saved. But the file has 0kb. The note said there was not enough permissions. I cannot export my bookmarks either.

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Can you be more specific?


Check if you have the latest Brave version @ brave://settings/help; Clear browsing history and restart Brave.
Check if Brave Is ‘Managed by you Organization’.
Does the issue persist in a Private Window CTRL+SHIFT+N ?

Sample pdf files

Do you use the bookmark manager CTRL+SHIFT+O to export bookmarks?


Brave is up to date

Version 1.43.89 Chromium: 105.0.5195.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I tried to download the Lorum ipsum file: 0kb.

I can save files in firefox.

This does persist in private windows.

Cleared history, no change.




Open the pdf download page (Lorum ipsum file) , right click on that page and choose Inspect, click on network and make sure it is set on “Throttle”.


It says disabled. No throttling.


Unfortunately not many posts deal with this issue; And it is not possible to simulate the problem on our machines. Working in a private window did not resolve the issue; this suggests that your profile is OK and the problem does not come from your extensions.

As a last resort; 1) Open brave://settings/downloads and try to save to an external disk by enabling ‘Ask where to save each file before downloading’; 2) Try also, flush dns, disable firewall, restart pc.

If no resolved, leave post open for others to contribute.


Saving to an external drive works. Cumbersome.
flush dns?

WINDOWS BUTTON+R, ENTER CMD, Paste Ipconfig/flushdns

Are you using Intranet?

private home laptop. wifi


The Ipconfig/flushdns did not make a difference.

When I download it states “Failed - insufficient permissions”

Today I put in the ‘Ipconfig/flushdns’ . The pc stated 'windows cannot find ‘Ipconfig/flushdns’. Make susre you typed the name correctly then try again.
If I just put in ‘Ipconfig’, a black window comes up and scrolls through and then closes.
How do I use ‘flushdns’?

Just started having this same problem, too. I’ve found other posts here from others with the same thing happening as well. File download prompt gets as far as opening the window to select location. When you click save, the window goes away and nothing happens. No entry in the Downloads tab at all. No file in the selected location. There was a pending update and I thought installing that would help. It did not and the problem persisted. For some files, I can click and drag them out of the browser window into a folder on my PC; that will work correctly. Right clicking and selecting “save as” will not, nor will downloads that are triggered by the website or ones that start after clicking a download link.

here’s an older post with the same issue (unresolved): Downloads won't save

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