Download files doesn't work suddenly

Since using Brave, downloading files (mostly PDF) worked perfectly.
But since yesterday I’m not able to download anything. Now, I download files from Google Chrome but still prefer to do it from Brave.
I deleted all previous downloads and went to settings -> advanced -> downloads to check on any issues. I couldn’t track any abnormality.

Kindly advice in this matter.

Thank you

I have also experienced this bug - downloads stopped working last week for no reason. I have not added any extensions nor changed settings to make it happen.

When I try to download a file, any file, it just doesn’t work. PDFs don’t work, neither do ZIP, DOC, or anything. Google Drive, Gmail, my personal webserver, nothing works.

I tested on my webserver and the request is sent to the server. So requests are sent, it’s a matter of the browser correctly handling the received file.

I tried changing the setting to add a prompt to ask for a folder, that doesn’t work. I’ve tried clearing the cache, restarting, changing a variety of settings, but nothing works.

It’s a showstopper issue, unfortunately. Love the browser but it will be uninstalled in the next couple of days if this isn’t fixed. Browsers have to be able to download files!

I am also concerned that it changes without reason or notice or warning. Did Brave update on its own without prompting me?

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