Download Prompt window fails to open (locks up Brave for all downloads after)

Downloads fail to initiate download prompt window.

I will often choose to download an item, but I will get the busy pointer instead of a download location prompt. It will show that it’s processing for a long time (sometimes up to a minute), during which I cannot interact with Brave. Then my control is returned, but no download dialogue box has appeared (not even behind my window).

I can attempt to save again, but there is no reaction (no busy cursor or dialogue box).

There are no new downloads showing in the downloads list, but if I try to shut down Brave, it tells me I have downloads still in queue. The ONLY way I have found to resolve this is by restarting Brave to FORCE it to release the download prompt task it failed to finish running.

I know this is a BRAVE ONLY issue, because I can go to my other browsers and download at the same time with no issues. Even going back to Brave after successfully downloading from another browser does not cause Brave to finish running the download task.

This does not alway happen, but before it DOES happens, Brave will sometimes (but not always) delay in giving me a download prompt and will progressively get slower (download prompt opening-wise) until it just won’t download any more.

Sometimes it will act like it is ignoring a download request and I can make a few more (I’ve had 4 at once). Sometimes Brave will then open a dialogue box and I will hit Save and then the other missing requests will show up, one after the other, in rapid succession as soon as I hit Save in each prompt.) This does not always happen before the downloads lockdown, but often it precedes the lockdown.

Brave Version: Version 1.58.135 Chromium: 117.0.5938.140 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Is anyone else having this problem and/or have a solution?


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