I can't upload nor download files on/from Brave

Hello, I can’t upload or download anything, it used to work before but it suddenly stopped working. I am using a Macbook.

when i click on download or upload, simply nothing happens. Everything works perfectly on Safari though. I can’t see where is the problem coming from, I checked my settings and Brave has no restrictions on anything so I have no idea where is the problem coming from.

I am having a similar problem on MacOS desktop. Specifically, downloading pdf’s works for a while. I have set up to always ask for the destination, so normally attempting to download a pdf opens a finder window for me to select the location. After a random number of downloads, the finder window no longer opens and the download seems to “hang”. The browser continues to work, but the download counter on the brave icon in the dock increments with each attempt to download. If Brave is closed, a message appears indicating that downloads are in progress and asks if I want to close Brave or wait for the downloads to complete. However, they never complete and closing Brave cancels the downloads.

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