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I just got the brave browser and ditched chrome. I am very happy so far except one major issue that may halt me from using brave. It is a pdf download issue. I am not able to download pdf and open them in a browser tab like I used to in chrome. I checked in settings in the brave browser but still files don’t download. It is telling me I have insufficient permissions. What should I do about this? It is showing insufficient permissions. I am on mac big sur…

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Very strange, because Chrome and Brave use the same PDF module.
Brave works with PDF files here,

yeah. very strange. I uninstalled and reinstalled brave and still didn’t work. I guess I have to go back to Chrome.

If you’re on macOS – especially the latest version – you may need to explicitly allow Brave to permission to access files on your disk before the OS will allow you to download and/or open the file. This has recently been an issue with passwords:

You can also check on your OS and see if it is blocking anything. Try downloading a PDF file again and if/when you see the message about permissions, go to (on your OS) Finder --> System Preferences --> Security & Privacy --> General and see if it denotes Brave being blocked here. If so, simply click the lock icon on the bottom-left, enter your password, and grant Brave the necessary permission manually.

If the above doesn’t work, please let me know and I’d be happy to continue troubleshooting the issue with you.

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