Download Error while downloading a file

I’m getting the “sever problem” error when downloading. Is this a problem with Brave?

It keeps happening about half way through my download.

v 1.38.115

@Erik_TImme ,

Please edit your Original Post (“OP”). Provide detailed info re:

What item, or items, you are attempting to download?

Do the names of those items, include non-alphabetic and/or non-alnumeric characters?

What exactly, in detail, are you downloading the item, or items, to - the location and the hardware (egs. external USB drive)?

What are the steps you take, in order to initiate the download?

Are there any other tasks you engage in, while the downloading occurs? Do you try to use other windows or tabs for viewing other web pages?

Is there some specific activity of yours, underway, when the “server problem” occurs?

Please provide a screenshot of your GLOBAL Shields settings at brave://settings/shields

Please provide screenshots of your site-specific Shields (Lion icon) panel settings. As a reference guide:



What type of files are you downloading, give a link as an example, when this started?

Meanwhile try this: Hold CTRL+SHIFT+N simultaneously and try downloading.

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