Download brave rpm for Fedora 28-29

I downloaded and installed Brave 0.24.0 for off-line installation. All went well. Now I can’t get to the rpm. Is it no longer available?

Also, I tried joining this forum using Brave. I got the email, but it wouldn’t open to allow me to click on the activation link.

Thats a little funny :laughing:

So a few things to note here. First, if you’re unaware, we’ve depreciated the Muon build of Brave (the one you installed) in favor of our new build:

I would highly recommend you download the new build as it addresses many issues from the previous Brave and adds a ton of additional functionality. See the blog announcement for more details.

Additionally, if you were to continue using the Muon build, that also has a more recent update than the one you’ve installed. If you’d like to continue using it, you can find the install packages here:

Hope this helps!

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