Double payment for march

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linux rocky 8.5

Version 1.37.113 Chromium: 100.0.4896.88 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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Hello everyone

at 8 Apr i got the march payment which was fine but today i got the same amount again
is it fine or there issue and i am willing to return it by tipping it to brave website if it happened by mistake?

here are a screen shoot of the reward summery

and have a nice day everyone :slight_smile:


Same. Even I have Received Two times @steeven please look into this.
Even my wallet is verified

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This is a bonus payout to make up for the issue last week that affected so many users. The extra BAT is yours to keep @Paresh @justsomeone1


thanks @steeven and have a nice day :slight_smile:


Had this too. Thought it was because of the problems with full BAT not being rewarded in the last payment. Problem is when claiming I got Oops something went wrong and it disappeared altogether on all but one browser on one device. @steeven @Mattches @tmancey

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@Thrive steeven already answered :wink: look up

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@justsomeone1 thanks, he did and that’s great… but having problems claiming it (see above)! :smiley:

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ops my bad :joy: it better to start a new post providing all the required info and they will answer you soon

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I was going to, but can see a whole heap of others already doing this and found my answer from @steeven in the process. He says the browser will try again later so just to wait, and that’s what I’ll do! :slight_smile:

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hope it fixed soon @Thrive

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Thanks, me too @justsomeone1 :blush:

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Wow, we thought brave has a bug and they did bonus payout for us but when we are looking brave community we understood reality :slight_smile: Thanks:D

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I got a error message are they still working on this

Where do these extra BAT come from?

Many users have got double payment for the month of march because they had to face all the trouble from brave. I have not yet received this compensation. Please do it asap

i didn’t get any bonus is it for random

same i didnt recieve any bonus either

Hello @Doug1

as said @Thrive

so just give it sometime and try again

Hello @Anudhyan @shubh30 @Donkja

it same as other payment not all user get paid in the same day so it will take time
so give it sometime

and have a nice day all of you :slight_smile:

Hello steeven. Just a heads up, the glitch has happened again now. Saw the claim button so did that and it showed up on Brave but not in the Gemini card on the home screen. Went to Gemini and new BAT in there then logged out and checked BAT in Brave again and back to the incorrect amount again. So, problem is back again.